Birthdays & Celebrations

QSware Joy app makes it easy!

Enjoy this world class app.

Enjoy with friends and family for the celebrations!

The list refreshes according to location automatically.


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QSware Joy is connected with the best restaurants and other business partners.

QSware Joy is awesome for reservation, celebrations and much more.

QSware Joy uses GPS to show automatically.

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The map screen of the app makes it easy.

Touch the pin in map to connect directly.

Press two seconds to drop a pin to get latitude and longitude

Are you the business owner at the location?

Send email with latitude, longitude and your company information. 

QSware Tech will contact you to do business

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QSware Joy is a generic app.

The app is connected to iCloud.

 It uses iCloud and GPS location to refresh the list automatically.


When the users with mobile are traveling to a country or to a city, 

they became the customers of the local business at the location. 

This awesome and powerful feature enables users, customers and companies 

to connect, to enjoy and to do business dynamically.

QSware Joy is the community for the users, the customers and the companies.